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Each year September marks the transition from the summer heat to the lower temperatures typical of autumn. As we see how the days get shorter and the light becomes less intense, we begin to prepare ourselves to welcome the days that are getting a little colder, while our desire to spend more time in our homes increases.

In the same way that we adapt our wardrobe, shifting shorts, T-shirts and open shoes for sweaters, coats and scarves, we can also do the same process with our homes. Autumn, as a time of transition, is the ideal time to prepare our most common environment for the colder seasons, something that involves much more than resorting to the usual heating. Conserving heat inside the home and conserving it for longer depends on a series of factors that we can take into account, anticipating events so that, in addition to ensuring that our home stays warm, we save a good sum of money.

The fundamental word: isolation

It may seem obvious, but it is something that is not always true: getting a house as insulated as possible from the outside is essential to maintain the interior temperature. At this point, there is a fundamental element, the windows. Most of the temperature exchange that occurs in our homes comes through poor or insufficient insulation. Investing in a system that conserves heat is a bet for the future that will not only translate into a more comfortable temperature, but also means energy and economic savings in terms of the use of heating systems.

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To prevent cold from coming in from outside or from heating from inside, it is advisable to have double or triple glazing with Reinforced Thermal Insulation (ATR). SGG CLIMALIT PLUS® by Saint-Gobain BUILDING GLASS with SGG PLANITHERM® 4S or SGG PLANISTAR® ONE glass, it is proposed as a good solution that will allow the entry of natural light but will keep the cold at bay.

Check the heating status

Who has not happened to be surprised at a receipt and think that he has not used the heating as much as to reach those figures? One cause may be the state of our heating system. Breakdowns or leaks can skyrocket costs while the heat drains away, and keeping radiators (in the case of gas heaters) ready can make a big difference. It’s worth spending some time reviewing our system in early fall so that we don’t regret it once the cooler temperatures hit.

Invest in good enclosures

The cold stays out: 5 tips to keep warm at home this fall

Sometimes we find houses in which terraces are glazed, or that clotheslines are integrated into the kitchen. If not done correctly, these spots can be real holes for the heat in our homes. One option is to use the SGG CLIMALIT PLUS® system, which has ATR and solar control glass, to achieve a stable temperature in these rooms. Similarly, we can also use SGG STADIP and STADIP PROTECT® laminated safety glass, which add maximum security to the comfort of having a house sheltered from the outside climate.

Complement your home with a good carpet

Beyond being a decorative element that inspires warmth, rugs have a function in homes. They insulate against the cold of the floor, especially those that are made of tiles or other materials that retain heat badly, and are especially suitable for those places where we spend more time, such as on the sofa in the living room or bedroom. The wool ones are the most advisable, as they are a natural material, they conserve heat well and can be washed without problems in the washing machine. You can also take advantage of the moment to add insulating curtains.

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Ventilate only as long as necessary

As much as the temperatures outside do not invite it, in our house we need fresh air every day. Of course, if we leave the windows open for too long, we will not only not get a more ventilated house, but we will let out much of the heat that we will later miss. The exact measure to get the air to be renewed in a room is 10 minutes.


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