The Computer Festival starts next Friday and people with yellow codes will not be allowed to enter the venue.

computer festival

Computer fans hold the opportunity to level goods again! The Computer Festival will be held at the Wanchai Convention and Exhibition for 4 consecutive days starting from next Friday (19th). The conference will introduce cash coupons ranging from 10 to 500 yuan and 300 “Jianan Shopping Rewards” places, including a limited number of 1 Yuan router, 599 Yuan 32-inch LED TV and 2,000 laptops. Exhibitors also have a number of product discounts. Individual exhibitors launch designated products limited to 1 yuan per person, including 1 yuan wireless charging stand. Driven by consumer coupons, the conference expects sales to be similar to last year.

Hong Kong Computer and Communications Festival 2022 will launch a cash coupon program worth 3 million yuan, “I Reward. You Earn. Everyone Spends Plan”. Each ticket purchaser will be issued a lucky card with a face value of 10 to 500 yuan not wait. The participants of the “Jiang’an Shopping Reward” must register with their real names on the Computer Festival website from now until 12:00 noon on August 15th to participate in the lottery, with a quota of 300. Winners of the lottery will receive an additional 100 yuan in cash coupons, and must purchase a total of 300 yuan before 12:00 noon on the first day of the exhibition, and then participate in the “Jian’an Big Shopping Reward” in order of chip number. The “Ji’an” products include a limited edition of 1,999 yuan. Lenovo laptop, 599 yuan Panasonic 32-inch LED TV, etc., each limited to 5 pieces of 99 yuan Momax wireless headphones and 1 yuan Linksys router.

Lots of must-have discounted products

Consumers who fail the lottery do not need to be disappointed. Exhibitors also offer a lot of product discounts, including Belkin’s daily limited-edition 1 yuan products, such as wireless charging stand (original price 368 yuan), drag board (original price 169 yuan) and so on. There are also products with as low as 30% or 40% off, such as the original price of 899 yuan for gaming headsets for sale at a discount of 299 yuan, the discounted 199 yuan smart watch (original price 688 yuan) and the 299 yuan air purifier (original price 988 yuan), etc. . There will also be e-sports competitions held at the venue, and there will also be a Metaverse and VR area for those who enter the venue to try it out.

Xu Jiansheng, chairman of the Hong Kong Computer Chamber of Commerce, the organizer, pointed out that most exhibitors accept 6 types of government electronic consumer coupons. It is hoped that this year’s sales will be the same as last year’s 330 million yuan driven by consumer coupons. However, he reminded that in order to cooperate with the government’s epidemic prevention arrangements, All people entering the venue must use Safe Travel, and those with a “yellow code” are not allowed to enter the venue.

Tickets are priced at RMB 35 and are only available for electronic payment. Citizens can download and become members of the “Computer Festival club” App to get a RMB 10 coupon and pre-order at a discounted price of RMB 25.

Hong Kong Computer and Communications Festival 2022

Date: August 19-22
Time: 10:00-21:30 (Closed at 6:00 on the 22nd)
Venue: Hall 1, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, Wanchai
Ticket price: 35 yuan (electronic payment only); show the “Computer Festival CLUB” coupon on the spot to get a 10 yuan discount; children under 1 meter and seniors over 65 years old, or hold a “disabled person registration card” Free admission for people

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