The Controversial Exclusive Interview with Paula Pavic: Unfiltered Questions and Outrageous Reactions

2023-12-11 10:43:37

A striking situation occurred this Sunday night on social networks, which was starred by Sergio Rojas.

Of course, through Instagram, the driver of the I tell you He spoke about the human and the divine with Paula Pavic, who addressed her breakup with Chino Ríos.

However, the exclusive with the businesswoman generated various reactions on the web, where some even cried foul with some questions posed by the journalist.

“Paula, did you marry Marcelo (Ríos) for money?” was one of the concerns that sparked talk among users who were following the live.

“I humbly believe that people wonder that,” Rojas insisted. “I don’t care what people who don’t know me think,” Pavic immediately clarified.

However, Rojas went further and, true to his style, continued with his unfiltered consultations. “Don’t you think they are inviting you not because you are Paula Pavic, but because you are Marcelo Ríos’ wife?” He asked in reference to her possible arrival in Tierra Brava.

“Obviously, I’m still Mrs., but I’m not going to stop being that until people get to know me,” defended the influencer, who seeks to make a name for herself with her personal development content on different virtual platforms. .

“Don’t you think it’s exposing yourself and your family?” the communicator returned to the fray. He then urged her to message her ex-partner, but Pavic refused.

“Finally, tell him to pay you the missing lucas. I would tell him ‘pay me for the electricity, the water, the telephone,’” Rojas added.

Displaced consultation with Paula Pavic

Immediately afterwards, the journalist once again confused Paula and the viewers by asking another particular question. “Chino Ríos or Nico Massú?” was the concern that left him. “I know them both, but they have nothing to do with each other,” she responded.

Finally, once the talk was over, Rojas received several questions from netizens.

“Total disaster”, “a live to be forgotten”, “you spent like eight towns”, “what a lack of respect”, “I completely misunderstand” and “it was an opportunity to be professional and you missed it”, were some of the criticism that came to him.

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