The Court asked the attorney for an opinion on the claim against the re-election of Insfrán in Formosa

2023-05-18 06:05:00

The Supreme Court of Justice asked this Wednesday, May 17, the Attorney General of the Nation to rule on whether the claim of the Formoseño legislator Fernando Carvajal against the re-election indefinite in the province of Gildo Insfran it is “competence” of the high court.

The document provided, signed by the Secretary of the Court, Alejandro Rodríguez, is the first step in the processing of the petition to have it declared unconstitutional an article of the Formoseña provincial Constitution.

On two previous occasions, in 2005 and 2013, the Court refused to assume the “original jurisdiction” (become the sole court to decide the case) in the face of similar objections against the indefinite reelection.

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This meant that the matter was decided in the local courtswhere the proposal against indefinite re-election was rejected.

However, it did so with another integration and other judges, so it could now vary that criteria and assume the file to issue a ruling, just as it did with the Tucumán elections and will do so with respect to those of San Juan in the coming days.

“The petitioner is considered presented in the character invoked, the indicated procedural and electronic addresses have been established and the legal address of his principal has been denounced,” the Court accepted Carvajal’s presentation.

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Immediately, the court ordered that “in order to rule on the jurisdiction of the Court, the proceedings be transferred to the Attorney General of the Nation.”

In the cases of Tucumán and San Juan, the assistant attorney Laura Monti ruled that because they deal with provincial issues, the federal court should not take the cases, but pointed out that there are precedents in which exceptions to this criterion had been made.


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