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The three-day “Courtyard of Franciscan” event was held in Assisi, Italy from September 2 to 4. Father Giacon, the director of the event, gave an interview to Vatican News and introduced the basic situation of the event.

(Vatican News Network)The 3-day “Courtyard of Franciscan” event was held in Assisi, Italy from September 2 to 4, with the theme of “Eternity and Now”. The event includes 30 sessions, music and art events, guided tours and workshops for children. In an interview with Vatican News, Father Riccardo Giacon, the Franciscan who led the events, noted that new conflicts, energy crises, environmental emergencies and jobs will be discussed at these events.

“Through the ‘Courtyard of Francis’ campaign, we hope to provoke an international reflection that raises the horizon and gives every man and woman hope for the future,” said Fr Giacon. “Saint Francis of Assisi continues to work with everyone The dialogue of the heart is not only giving hope, faith and trust to the soul, but also helping each individual in a concrete, real and practical struggle.”

The path is clear, thanks also to the eloquent teaching of Pope Francis, who made clear the main points: “Peace, harmony with creation and, above all, the care of dialogue and relationships in order to overcome conflict, Including conflicts internationally and in our family life.” Assisi is looking forward to Pope Francis’ visit on September 24 this year.

Fr Giacon stressed that if we are to respond to growing concerns, we must address the issues on the table. In the end, the director of the Franciscan Court event explained that thinking in terms of the “eternal” key also means giving a push to the leadership and those dealing with public affairs and the common good. He said, “May our activities help people fly higher, broaden their horizons and overcome the difficulties of the moment.”

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