The cover of Kirby’s song won a Grammy

Kirby is officially a Grammy Award winner Well, at least in spirit. Help the pink spherical creature Charlie Rosen and Jack Silverman win a Grammy for Best Arrangement, Instrument or Acapella. Meta Knights revenge From Classic 1996 Kirby Superstar. The card was originally performed by the 8-bit Big Band, a 30- to 65-member orchestra that specializes in making their own music on video games.

In the past, it was 8 بت Big Band was a performance zelda lullaby From Ocarina of time, foresight From subject to earthAnd big blue From F- zero, much more. You can ask about the performance of the redesigned team Meta Knights revenge In the embed above – this is a real jazzy sign original trackAnd dare I say, still better Nintendo remake Included Super Smash Brothers.

Video game music isn’t often nominated for a Grammy, but this success is especially timely The latest version Kirby and the Forgotten Land. In 2011, the song Daddy what From Civilization IV He won a Grammy Award After it was re-released on a solo album. Travel Nominated for Best Original Score For visual media in 2012, but more loses The girl with the dragon tattoo.

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