the cowardly theft of a journalist’s phone amid River’s banner

A group of fans of River made the typical flag before each game of the Liberators cup at River Camp, before the team left for Brazil to play the second leg against Palm Trees Tuesday at 9.30pm. But there were those who took advantage of the tumult for their personal gain.

While the journalist Maximiliano Grillo worked live in TNT Sports, a group of fans surrounded him amid chants and jumps in front of the cameras. Everything was derailed when one of them He snatched the cell phone and the return of the cell phone, which they did not return.

The journalist Maxi Grillo suffered the theft of his phone during River’s banner in Ezeiza. (TV picture)

Faced with this situation, various colleagues demonstrated with indignation and repudiation and sent forces to the journalist, who had to face an upset while carrying out his work. Many of them spread the image of the alleged perpetrator of the robbery.

“My solidarity with @maxigrillo who, while working live from River’s banner for TNT, had to suffer that a ‘person’ stole his cell phone and the return of his mobile. Surely Justice will do what it should with this kind of blight “, wrote Juan Cortese, journalist from TyC Sports.

“My solidarity with @maxigrillo, who was covering the #River banner and his cell phone was stolen while he was live. For us, it is a work tool. Crazy what happened to you! A lot of Maxi strength and I hope it appears”, posted Leandro Aguilera.

“My friend @maxigrillo had his cell phone stolen working for @TNTSportsLA while he was covering the team’s departure for Brazil. There is always a criminal and Maxi suffered it unfortunately,” he commented Hernán Castillo, from TNT Sports.

“Hugs my friend @maxigrillo”, he posted Sebastian Srur of Continental Radio.

“The live bagging. What a disastrous scourge. It hurts that they rob you like that. Hug @maxigrillo I hope you get the cell phone back,” he tweeted Daniel Avellaneda, of Clarion.

“Total. Solidarity with @maxigrillo who suffered the theft of the cell phone on the air. In addition to the fact that there are still people who do not understand that we are in a pandemic! Zero chinstraps, zero social distance,” he posted Agostina Scalise, of ESPN.


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