The CSD makes the authorization to play paddle in pairs official

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The Higher Sports Council (CSD), after meeting on Tuesday with the Spanish Paddle Federation, officially announced the authorization of the practice of paddle tennis in pairs since last Monday, May 25.

«In accordance with the conversations held today, Tuesday May 26, 2020 with the CSD, regarding the clarification of the consequences of Order SND / 440/2020 of May 23, 2020 of the Ministry of Health already published, the Federation Spanish paddle tennis officially communicates that, since last Monday, 05/25/2020, paddle tennis has been allowed in pairs since phase 1 ».

Therefore, it is official that this sport can be practiced in the form of two against two “in any type of paddle tennis facility”, reported the Spanish Paddle Federation through an official statement.

In addition, he pointed out that group classes are also allowed with the restriction of a maximum of ten students “as long as the rigorous compliance with the mandatory minimum distance of 2 meters between people is guaranteed.”

At no time, added the federation in the aforementioned statement, may it exceed 30 percent of the capacity of each sports modality that it has in its facilities.

“The Spanish Paddle Federation strongly urges both the staff of the facilities and the paddle practitioners the utmost responsibility and common sense so that we do not have to suffer a new closure of the paddle facilities, which would be catastrophic for survival of our clubs, “he added.

For this reason, the federative body insisted on the importance of the use of masks, the maintenance at all times of a minimum distance of two meters, the frequent disinfection of the hands and not putting them on the face.

Likewise, regarding paddle tennis facilities, he highlighted the need for isolation measures in reception, the convenience of creating an internal circuit of entry traffic differentiated from that of exit traffic or the establishment of different start times between the tracks enabled to avoid the existence of accumulation schedules of user traffic.

Finally, he pointed out the importance of having hand sanitizer for the use of users and the “rigorous and responsible” disinfection of the facilities. .


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