The Dal Theater-Museum is boundless by linking surrealism and landscape

The Dalí Theater-Museum in Figueres has chosen two of the house’s brands, surrealism and links with the environment, for the exhibition that reopens its doors today after the health crisis. The museum is recovering its normalcy today – adapted, of course, to the protocols against covid-19 – with the release of Surrealism is me, a temporary exhibition with a dozen oils from the surrealist era with the landscape as the main protagonist.

The director of the Dalí Museums, Montse Aguer, emphasized yesterday that these are works that until now had never been exhibited together and that, put in context, help to understand how Salvador Dalí perceived the environment. “The exhibition allows us to look at surrealism in a different way,” explained Aguer, who is curating the exhibition together with the chief curator, Carme Ruiz.

Due to their relevance, these pieces have often been requested for exhibitions in Russia, Japan or Australia, and therefore had not coincided in the same space in Figueres. The anomalous situation of recent months has meant that they have not gone on loan abroad and that is why the museum has taken the opportunity to reread it from a new thread, said the head of the Theater-Museum, the Púbol castle and the house of Portlligat, which will also welcome the first visitors from today.

Thus, on the walls of the Hall of Lodges are hung twelve oils ranging from 1926 to 1937, with the exception of Poetry of America, which dates from 1943 and shows how the surrealist features of Dalí’s work survive over time.

They are canvases, cardboard and wood that show dreamlike and enigmatic landscapes, but also a hyper-realistic vision of Cap de Creus, and that form a good example of the Empordà artist’s contribution to the surrealist movement.

Elements such as cypresses, elongated shadows, the figure of the nanny, the golden tones of arid and mineral landscapes, skies and references to classical figures, such as Velázquez, or contemporary figures such as Yves Tanguy or René Magritte, are some of the features. common features of the different pieces on display, including the Man with his head full of clouds, from 36. «It represents very well the mimesis with the landscape that Dalí defended, the symbiosis between man and the environment. It could be a self-portrait, ”explained Aguer.

Other works that can be seen until September 13, when the Gala-Dalí Foundation has announced that it will close its three spaces again due to the impossibility of keeping them open at a time when mobility restrictions prevent the arrival of ‘a large volume of foreign visitors, they are Singularities, The Spectrum of Sex-Appeal, Ghost cart or the cited Poetry of America, which also connects with ideas with full force, such as the birth of a new world or racism.

Quoting André Bretón, Aguer recalled yesterday that he said of Dalí that “with him, the mental windows were wide open”. For now, with the vindication of the essence of genius, the doors of one of the most visited museums in the country also open today after four months of inactivity.


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