The Delights of Language: Exploring the Relationship Between Language and Expression in Martin Rueff’s Latest Essay

2024-04-20 20:04:46

Published on April 20, 2024 at 10:04 p.m.

Language. The same term designates in French, and in many other languages, the organ located in our mouth which allows us to swallow, lap, lick, kiss, taste, articulate letters, but also the ability to express ourselves. At the tip of the tongue, Martin Rueff’s new essay starts from this observation first banal and, betting that it is anything but trivial but on the contrary very rich in meaning, decides to take this coincidence seriously by inviting us to explore in all its nuances the relationship between language-organ and language-faculty. If the work impresses with its erudition, with the breadth of the theoretical and literary corpus that it mobilizes, the average reader feels welcomed with kindness, since its author, professor of literature at the University of Geneva, philosopher, translator, poet, was keen to make it accessible.

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