The differences between the different ranges of iPhone 14 visible on these front covers

The difference between the standard iPhone models and the Pro configurations should widen further this year, even if the screen sizes could be similar: 6.1 and 6.7 inches (exit the mini and its 5.4 inches) . In the game of 7 errors, it is the growth on the screen that would visually distinguish the two ranges: a notch for the iPhone 14 and 14 Max, a pill and a hole for the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max.

An image taken from Weibo then shared on Twitter shows what are supposed to be the front covers of the four devices. They confirm (this is to be taken with the usual tweezers) the pill and hole duo that will hide the photo sensor for selfies and the necessary for TrueDeph (Face ID). Whether this duo will allow smartphones to display more information remains to be seen.

The screen ratio of the iPhone Pro would be 20:9 instead of 19.5:9. Finally, we can also notice that the borders are thinner on the Pro models: the rumor recently mentioned a 20% reduction in their size.

Since we are talking about the iPhone 14, the site Mac Otakara offers a hands-on video of mock-ups from Alibaba. This is also an opportunity to check if the iPhone 13 cases are compatible with these models, and the results are mixed.

The photo block on the back is indeed overweight in the 2022 vintage: it passes for an iPhone 14 Max with an iPhone 13 Pro Max case, on the other hand it gets stuck for all the others.

iPhone 14, the point on the rumors of

iPhone 14, the point on the rumors of a very segmented range

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