The disease does not rest, the medicine does

Today is Thursday, noon on Thursday, the last day of 2020. “Until Monday in all of Cantabria, she can only be treated at the Liencres Hospital. No Health Center will be able to attend her until Monday ”. There is in a town in Liébana, going up to the port of San Glorio, an 81-year-old woman with serious symptoms of illness, perhaps a Covid-19 because one of her daughters tested positive for that pandemic yesterday, and there is no way it will rise a doctor to see her, nor another possibility of doubting the contagion to go down tomorrow, Friday, the first day of 2021, to the Liencres hospital, by her own means, to undergo a test to rule out a Covid, she and two other of their children, also with some risk of contagion.

“You have to go down to Liencres.” The phrase is forceful. Take it or leave it.

¿Bajar a Liencres?

“Wouldn’t it be more reasonable, fairer and more prudent for Liencres to go up?

The patient is 81 years old and is, without a doubt, for a doctor to see her at home.

Well, no. Liencres doesn’t move.

Liencres is the hocus-pocus of regional medicine between Thursday, December 31 and Monday, January 4, Revilla’s enchantment, the tricks of someone who knows nothing else, in terms of pandemics, than sputtering sputtering.

I write in the middle of the afternoon and we walk inexorably towards the night that closes a sinister year, among other terrible misfortunes, because the authorities are not up to what was to be expected. So it makes you want to thunder:

Let Revilla wear!

But how to speak with President Revilla, who says so much when he starts to say.

Where is Revilla at this time?

And the counselor?

The counselor has already been told on the phone that the counselor cannot do anything.

It is the emptied Spain.

How Cantabria is not going to be emptied with these behaviors of the authorities. The wonderful thing is that it is no longer completely empty.

Revilla, the president, usually threatens (that is to say) that he will demand a more budget from Madrid because this region has a very dispersed population, and very small towns, and regions, very isolated, and that, therefore, needs extra money to serve us .

Wow, what a good idea!

Do not believe: the stammering of a bad preacher.

At the moment, this long bridge towards 2021, what is offered is …

Travel to Liencres for the New Year!

Then they complain that infections are multiplying …

Let Revilla wear!


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