The disfigured son of Elena Yakovleva first spoke about sex with a man

Alena Nesterova

16 minutes ago

Denis Shalnykh and Elena Yakovleva

The only son of actress Elena Yakovleva is covered from head to toe with scars and tattoos. Denis shocks the people not only with his unusual appearance, but also with rather strange actions. However, the Russians definitely did not expect this from Crazy.

Born into an acting family, the boy could not help falling in love with cinema over the years. Stray in his youth wanted to become a director, he even studied in London, but with age he realized that he did not want to connect his life with this area. However, the heir to Yakovleva remained professionally interested in cinema. Denis often writes movie reviews in his microblog.

It is very difficult to please a 30-year-old critic. Shalnykh does not try to indulge the public with his words and does not support film trends that are fashionable in the West. So, Denis, in his assessment, removed three points from the series The Last of Us for promoting same-sex relationships. Yakovleva’s son sharply condemned everything that was shown in the third series of the film.

“Minus three for the filler episode with the nasty sex of two survival bears. Well, seriously, I, damn it, don’t favor heterosexual scenes of intercourse in the cinema for the uselessness and meaninglessness of their visualization in 99 percent of cases, and here they also offer to consider the preludes of two rednecks after playing the piano, ”Shalny spoke sharply about the sex of men Crazy.

According to Denis, bed scenes in movies should be justified. But often directors add such moments for the sake of a beautiful picture, but in reality it turns out “bastard vulgar rubbish”.

“Cut out this lewdness and nothing will change even in the context of the story of this episode. No one is stronger from these extra frames anyway, it is not revealed there, ”the son of Yakovleva turned to the creators of The Last of Us.

The people supported Denis’s statements. Repeatedly, viewers have noticed that same-sex relationships in Western films look ridiculous, as if the directors are trying to fulfill some kind of plan, working for propaganda.

Photo source: Kudryavov Boris, Larisa Kudryavtseva

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