The Division 2 creators unveiled a new update roadmap


Ubisoft has unveiled an updated roadmap for The Division 2, confirming the release dates for seasons 10 and 11, as well as announcing a fifth year of content.

It’s official. The Division 2 will receive fresh content in 2023, as Ubisoft has confirmed that content for the fifth year is in development from Massive Entertainment.

The tenth season was supposed to release on August 30, but was delayed by a couple of weeks, so do not take the new release dates as something unchanged, as there is a possibility that more delays will occur in the near future.

The developers are going to launch Season 11 in December with a new game mode, equipment, weapons, events and QoL improvements.

Unfortunately, there are still no signs of a long-awaited specialization update, as Ubisoft revealed that this important update has been delayed again and will not be released with either Season 10 or Season 11.

Specialization overhaul was supposed to start in Season 9, but the developers have pushed back the update to 2022. Currently, the specialization overhaul may not go live until Year 5, as the publisher has stated that it will only release this update when it is “absolutely satisfied” with the quality of the changes.

Overall, The Division 2 players will be getting a ton of new content in the coming months, including new missions, gear and weapons, Apparel Events, a new PvE game mode, and more.

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