The Doctor’s Husband: The Story of Carolina Herrera’s Relationship, Marriage, and Reconciliation After Infidelity

2023-06-02 14:32:52

The doctor’s husband Carolina Herrera he had to propose to her six times before she accepted. However, he was also unfaithful.

This is how the bronchopulmonary doctor remembered it in the program We can talkwhere she was invited, and whose chapter will be broadcast this Friday.

“When you have a long medical career it is complicated. We were the best of friends, where year after year he asked me to marry him, and the answer was no, ”she recalled.

things changed with him psychiatrist Eugenio Olea, when they finished their studies and graduated. “We got married six months later,” she said.

Carolina Herrera: “I found out that he was unfaithful to me”

They both formed a family where they were happy for more than two decades, but infidelity got in the way.

“We live happily 22 years, until I found out that he was unfaithful to me because of a blonde hair that I found in the car”said Carolina Herrera.

“I asked him, but he denied everything, so I decided to throw him and all his things to my mother-in-law,” he recalled.

“We are both very happy together”

In 2021, Herrera participated in La Divina Comida, where she told how she forgave and returned to her husband, 13 years after their separation.

According to Herrera, after the celebration in Los Andes for 30 years of medical graduates, he kindly offered to take her to Santiago. “I sat in the truck and said what a delicious smell this man has,” he acknowledged.

“On the journey from Los Andes to here (Santiago) -I thought- how nice he speaks, and then one thing led to another, and I feel that now we had never been happier,” he said.

“We are both very happy together. I feel that one is the sum of all his actions. When we parted, I was alone like a dog. I think that having met again was a gift from heaven, ”she said.

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