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4 years have passed since Ivanka Trump, the favorite daughter of the current president of the United States, Donald Trump, is installed in the White House as the “First Lady daughter”, officiating over Melania the role left by Michelle Obama.

With the defeat of his father, Ivanka approaches her departure from Whashington DC, but the question that has many awake is what she will do now: will she return to her life of luxury in her father’s real estate business, the fashion company that made her even more millionaire or will she begin a political career with the “earned capital During the Trump administration?

However, of the model girl who was loved by her most privileged circle in New York, there is very little left and now she would be struggling to reinvent herself, at a time when options are not lacking.

The privileged positions in the government

As soon as her father took office, Ivanka along with her husband and son moved to the American capital, settling in a luxurious property that, curiously, belongs to Andronicus Luksic, one of the most millionaire men in our country.

The reception in the city was not warm, considering that Trump only obtained 4% of the vote, however, he managed to make himself noticed in the presidency, despite the constant blockades of Melania, his stepmother.

The couple left their social life in Manhattan to enter the world of public servants. She became her father’s direct advisor, with an office in the White House and closing her company in 2018, due to questions about her position in the government.

Her husband Jared Kushner, The son of New Jersey real estate mogul Charles Kushner also worked for the Trump administration with a special assignment. Despite not having diplomatic experience, a political career or having been in an international negotiation, his mission was to seek a peace agreement in Israel, He highlighted country.

Despite his lack of experience, if he had something in favor, he is very close to the current prime minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, and that earned him the post of presidential adviser for the Middle East.

They did not win the proxy of the year award

His first steps, the enrollment of his children in school was a setback that ended only a few weeks ago.

According to The New York Times, the couple enrolled their two oldest children in private school Milton Gottesman Jewish Day School, creating a heated division in the parents of the establishment.

While some pressed so that they were not allowed access to school, other attorneys advocated for tolerance, pointing out that the children did not have to pay for their grandfather’s “sins” … and they succeeded, they installed their children in the school they wanted.

However, the experience was not pleasant, since the couple repeatedly failed to comply with the rules of coexistence of the school, which imply that the disruptions of the security teams are reduced to a minimum, which is reflected in actions such as occupying the first two rows at school events, for themselves and their security team, standing up to greet school supporters, annoying other parents.

The situation reached an extreme point with the hospitalization of President Donald Trump infected with covid-19, according to the North American newspaper. While this was happening, Ivanka’s children continued to attend school in person and without wearing masks, which raised the alert that ended with the couple refusing to answer when was the last time the children had seen their grandfather.

Finally, on October 19, the family decided to remove the children from school and enroll them in another Jewish elementary school, located in Rockville, Maryland, a suburb of Washington.

Given the situation, the school continued with its policy of not referring to its students, but the White House spokeswoman, Carolina Hurley, did not hesitate to declare “It is shameful for anonymous sources to attack a family’s decision about what is best for their children in the midst of a pandemic. As with all families, school choices and education are deeply personal decisions and they owe no one, especially idle gossip seeking the attention of the press, an explanation. “

New York, Florida … where do you welcome us?

Vanity Fair highlighted in one of his articles that the couple would return in glory and majesty to New York after 8 years in power. However, the dream of being the queen and king of the “Big Apple” was watered after the election of Joe Biden as president of the United States.

According to what the Condé Nast media declares, the couple enjoy a faded reputation after passing through the Trump mandate, indicating that only a small part of the city awaits their return and rather, “Anyone with a minimum of respect for himself, a career, values, respect for democracy, or who does not want their friends to judge them in public and in private will be left out”.

Journalist Lysandra Ohrstrom, one of Ivanka’s best childhood friends released his rejection letter through Vanity Fair with an incendiary article about their relationship.

The former friends met at Chapin, the elite college for women, located on the Upper East Side, dwhere they were inseparable, they traveled the world, dyed their hair together and even posed for Sassy magazine and even, Ohstrom was her maid of honor at her marriage.

In the text, the journalist recalled various anecdotes with Ivanka that portray her as a “privileged rich girl who grew up ready to support policies that harm poor minorities,” she stated. S Fashion.

An example of this is when Ivanka questioned her for the recommendation of the Empire Galls book, where Richard Russo, the Pulitzer winner, told about workers in a small Maine town. As mentioned by Trump’s daughter, he would have responded “Why do you recommend a book about fucking poor people?” adding “What part of you do you think that story might interest me?”.

To this situation add “Since 2007, I have been wearing a necklace with my name written in Arabic and Ivanka became more and more irritated. Sometimes she would randomly say: I hate that thing. ” Then one night in the middle of dinner, she looked at the necklace and said, “How does your Jewish boyfriend feel when you’re having sex and that necklace hits him in the face? How can you wear that thing? Just yell, ‘terrorist’ ”, hinting at certain racist attitudes of the former businesswoman.

Lysandra regrets that Ivanka has braced herself to be a very different entrepreneur from her father, building her own brand of female empowerment that ended the day she left for Washington and began to surround herself with Republicans.

To end the essay he wishes you well, in Florida, writing “I hope Ivanka finds a soft landing in Palm Beach, and lives where white supremacy is de rigueur and most misdeeds are forgiven if you have enough money.”.

And apparently this would be the couple’s fate, since despite having been making arrangements at their home in New York, they bought a piece of land in the exclusive area of ​​Indian Creek, in Miami, which was owned by singer Julio Iglesias, reported ABC.

The island, which only has 90 inhabitants, is called “the millionaires’ bunker” due to its privacy and difficult access. The couple would have privileged this area over New York to flee from the press and be close to their father, who would retire to live on his property in Club Mar-a-Lago, an area located nearby.

A political future?

Leaving her beta as a businesswoman and starting to build political capital was one of the goals of Ivanka and her husband upon entering the world of Washington.

Trump’s favorite was even proposed by him to accompany him on the ballot as vice president, which was ruled out, despite the insistence of the current president of the United States, The country.

However, a future in politics would be complex for the socialite. As highlighted CNN, the “first daughter” hopes to maximize her political capital in the place she chooses to live since January, with a more tenuous candidacy or influence than her father in Republican circles.

Her father wants to see her as president, she mentioned at a rally in late August in New Hampshire, but the next election would be complex if Trump decides to run again for the White House.

But if it comes to options, Ivanka has manyEither in politics or reviving her fashion and jewelry brand, starring in a TV show or continuing in the real estate business that her husband is also a part of. What will be his next steps, we will only know from January.


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