The effects of the coronavirus pandemic on children’s health | Video | Univision Chicago WGBO

did my partner Enrique aa doctor about a topic.extreme the health of all of us,especially in the allU.S. pediatricians have seena deterioration in the health ofkids. I accompanied you therepediatrician elizabeth.why we see wings every timechildren with depression and prediabetes?>> increase has been dramaticsince the of thefactors is inactivity.during the pandemic childrenthey were completelylocked up. the lack ofnutritional meals of theschool. excess sweets,aúcares, and not have access tohealthy meals.>> the children have been verystressed. a lot of anxiety andbehavior problems. to theafraid of many situations.many children lostrelatives, grandparents, parents.they had to live manysituations outside theSocial isolation.>> what can we do toreverse this trend?>> the use of shells inchildren is very important.getting vaccinated comes first.regarding obesity,we need them to be wingsassets. let them go out and walk,run, exercise and ridecycling. soda, cookies andbread make children fat.use vegetables, legumes,beans, lentils, water.>> is a difficult task but not

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