The end of the pandemic situation was a “clear mistake” – now live

The World Health Organization (WHO) sees the omicron variant of the coronavirus on an unconditional advance in Europe. Since it was identified less than four weeks ago, the virus variant has been in at least 38 of the 53 Member States WHO Region Europe has been discovered, said WHO Regional Director Hans Kluge on Tuesday after a working meeting with Austria’s Health Minister Wolfgang Mückstein in Vienna.

There are still many unanswered questions about Omikron, but we already know that the variant is becoming or has already become dominant in countries such as Denmark, Portugal and Great Britain. “We can see another storm coming,” said Kluge.

Within the next few weeks, the new variant will dominate in other countries in the region and bring the already tense healthcare system even further to its limits, said Kluge. Omikron will likely become the dominant variantthat circulate in the European region. In addition to the EU, WHO also includes several countries further east in this region, including Russia, Ukraine and Turkey.


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