The enemies want to reverse the facts and distort the image of the martyrs – Al-Manar TV website – Lebanon

The President of the Iranian Republic, Mr. Ibrahim Raisi, stressed that the enemies of Iran, by using their biased media system, seek to overturn the facts and present the martyr in the image of the executioner.

During his meeting on Monday with the family of martyr General Qassem Soleimani, Mr. Raisi stressed the role of the missionary and honest media in confronting the Western media empire and thwarting its plans against the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The President of the Iranian Republic considered the culture of martyrdom and sacrifice, the main pillar of the power of the Islamic Republic of Iran, noting that the responsibility to commemorate the righteous martyrs and glorify their lofty status, burdens every free and fair Iranian citizen, emphasizing the officials in the country.

Mr. Raisi pointed out that the enemies claim in vain that national strength stems from possessing advanced equipment, weapons and military equipment only, and said, “But the Islamic Republic of Iran, which has made amazing achievements that cannot be ignored in the field of military industrialization, has proven that it possesses soft power thanks to the sacrifices of hundreds of thousands of martyrs. Its influence exceeds all the hard powers and advanced weapons in the world.”

Mr. Raisi denounced the fraudulent Western media approach, explaining that the West seeks, using its media system, to reverse the facts and define terrorism according to its own criteria, stressing the need to confront this false and tendentious media attack.

Mr. Raeesi added, “The European countries and America sought, in this context, to purify the terrorist “hypocrisy group” whose hands were stained with the blood of 17,000 innocent Iranian citizens, after they included the name of this criminal group on the list of terrorism approved by them.” He continued, “The agendas of the West today It required the removal of the name of the group of hypocrites from the Western blacklist.”

The President of the Iranian Republic stressed that the martyr Soleimani has today become one of the immortal Islamic symbols, and accordingly the enemies of the Islamic Republic of Iran hate him, and they seek to eliminate his approach, his thought and the lofty values ​​for which he sacrificed.

Source: Arna Agency

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