The Entertaining Visit of Camila Homs’ Mother to Bailando 2023: Flirtations with Tinelli and Uncomfortable Reactions (Video Included)

2023-09-22 03:30:00
The visit of Camila Homs’ mother to Bailando 2023: her flirtation with Tinelli and the response that made the model uncomfortable (Video: Bailando 2023, América)

The first couple to dance on Thursday night in Bailando 2023, the América cycle, was Camila Homs and Nico Fleitas. With the presence of the model’s mother, Liliana Fontán, a very entertaining preview was put together in the Mayor studio where there was a back-and-forth between Tinelli, Cami and her mother. “Mom is a bomb,” Marcelo confessed. “Why don’t you want me to dance, Mom, Cami?” He asked her in response to the young woman’s refusal to let her mother come to the track.

“Whenever you want, I’ll invite you to my wine bar and we’ll have a little wine,” flirted Paul’s ex-mother-in-law. “I don’t know what’s going to happen on this Dancing, but I’m going to suck, for sure,” the driver joked, looking at the camera. However, the woman said that later her daughter was going to challenge her. “It’s true, she is the one who always tells me everything,” she admitted. Then, they showed on air images of the model’s mother’s business in a note they had made for LAM a while ago.

“Mom asks for a clue, look at mom’s face,” Marcelo exclaimed before Camila’s uncomfortable look. And Ángel revealed what Liliana had told him at that moment: “She said she liked you, Marcelo.” Tinelli then asked him directly: “But do you like me?”, and Liliana took the microphone and told him with total sincerity: “You’re not bad, Marcelo, let’s see, but there is a line here…”.

Then, the couple danced to the rhythm of disco music with choreography that looked neat and harmonious. When the time came for the returns, Ángel de Brito asked the mother the reason for the separation of his daughter and the soccer player. “Personal things about them, I have no idea,” Liliana responded anxiously. When questioned by the LAM driver about whether De Paul had been unfaithful to Cami, his mother said: “If he was unfaithful to her, I don’t know, but don’t make me talk about those things.”

The visit of Camila Homs’ mother to Bailando 2023: her flirtation with Tinelli and the response that made the model uncomfortable (Video: Bailando 2023, América)

Finally, the vote of the LAM driver was low. “As the program goes on you’re going to loosen up more, everything was great, the choreo was very nice, you’re moving forward but in the middle of the choreo I don’t know what happened to you if you forgot something. I think you can advance but today it didn’t convince me,” he acknowledged from Brito and gave him a three.

Zaira Nara, on the other hand, had words of praise for Camila. “I was dazzled by your face, I like seeing you. I feel that you are in a moment in which you shine, you brought out that woman from within that before you were more capable, I love seeing you like this, in love, you are a total doll. It seemed to me that it was a very demanding choreography, they chose something that was not so easy, but even so I liked it a lot. This study is very nerve-wracking, I’ll bench you, Cami.” Her score was a 7.

Then, Moria Casán greeted the couple with a “Happy spring to everyone,” while wearing a completely flowered dress of many colors. “Here with my attentive eye and my prepared tongue, I saw that they were much more relaxed than at the first gala and with a lot of enjoyment. I noticed flaws in the disassembly of the tricks, you need to extend your limbs and that is very messy. But you didn’t panic even though you got lost, you continued with your smile and you sold yourself very well. You have to sell yourself and not buy what you sell, not get dizzy. They’re going to break it later, and you’re beautiful, and you show it on your face. My vote is secret, you will know it later,” One concluded.

Marcelo Polino joked with the participant’s mother. “Be careful because at any moment you see her dancing with Tini,” he exclaimed and she assured that she had done it. “I want to send greetings to my official son-in-law Jonathan,” said Liliana, looking at the camera. Meanwhile, a video of Cami’s mother dancing on her Instagram account was seen on the big screen, which caught the attention of Marcelo Tinelli.

Camila Homs’ mother’s visit to Bailando 2023: her flirtation with Tinelli and the response that made the model uncomfortable (Bailando 2023, América)

“I saw you looser than at the first gala but I didn’t really like the choreography, it was a string of obvious things, Dalma Maradona had danced this in 2006. I choreographed it very old, my mother added it and I liked it because of all that combo I’m going Let’s go up a little point and I’ll give them a four,” Marcelo concluded.

Finally, before saying goodbye, Tinelli invited Cami’s mother to participate in the contest. “Even if your daughters don’t want to, come and pay no attention to them,” he tried to convince her amidst the laughter of those present.

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