The Facekini Phenomenon in China: How to Stay Protected from the Sun’s Intense Heat

2023-07-22 08:51:44

While China is affected by high temperatures, beyond 40°C, the Chinese are adopting the facekini. The colored balaclava, which fully covers the head with holes for the eyes and mouth, is worn especially at the beach to protect against the sun.

After the bikini, the women’s two-piece swimsuit that first appeared in July 1946, here is the facekini. This is the new trendy method to protect the face from the sun, already widely adopted by the Chinese to cope with high heat. This sun protection hood provides full head coverage, with holes for the eyes and mouth. And to the Chinese to keep the skin as pale as possible, a symbol of success and beauty.

Two to three times more pieces purchased this year

This sun protection hood, which arrived on the beaches of China in 2015, recalls 20 Minutes, arrives in the streets of major Chinese cities, said journalist Yena Lee to France Inter from Beijing. “Compared to the situation before the pandemic, this year is much better than the previous ones. The volume of sales has increased significantly this year,” a saleswoman at a facekini store confirmed to Local brands like Bananain, Beneunder or OhSunny register the best sellers, reports The Parisian.

China thus broke, on Sunday July 16, a heat record for mid-July, with 52.2°C in the arid region of Xinjiang (west).

The facekini trend, however, should not experience the same success in France, where, indicates West Franceit is “prohibited to hide or completely cover your face in a public place”, evokes

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