The Faes detained Mad Leo’s mother, wife and sister

The Special Actions Force (Faes) arrested the mother, wife and sister of Leonardo José Polanco Angulo, alias Loco Leo, who was killed at midnight this Wednesday in Parque Caiza, Sucre municipality (Miranda), according to police sources.

In this case, the detainees are identified as María del Carmen Angulo Zorrilla, mother of Loco Leo and Leomary Katiuska Polanco Angulo, sister of the subject. These two women were captured in El Valle where they were sheltered with two men who had long weapons and who fled when they observed the police commission.

Jhonailin Daniela Moreno González, Loco Leo’s partner, was arrested in the apartment where the subject confronted the Faes group.

María del Carmen, Leomary and Jhonailin were required by the 4th National Court of Control with Competence in Cases Linked to Terrorism. The three women have an open file for the crimes of terrorism, criminal association and trafficking in arms and ammunition.

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