The fail of the year? Argentine presenter announces the death of “writer” William Shakespeare | TV and Show

An Argentine presenter starred in an unusual fail when announcing the death of the “writer” William Shakespeare.

The chascarro occurred in a news program on Channel 26 of the trans-Andean country, where the communicator Noelia Novillo thought that the famous English playwright was still alive.

“And we come with information that really leaves us all speechless at the magnitude of this man. We are talking about William Shakespeare and his passing. We are going to tell the reason, the why ”, he began by pointing out.

“The truth is that one of the most important writers, for me the most referent of the English language, we see him there …”, he added.

Although indeed a William Shakespeare, actually it is about a person who became known for being the first man to receive the vaccine for the covid In England.

The 81-year-old English citizen, who was baptized with the same name as the famous writer, died last week due to a stroke, which by the way was not related to the inoculation he received.

“We are going to tell a little bit because he is the first man to receive the coronavirus vaccine. We are talking precisely about the AstraZeneca “, added the cheerleader, getting confused again because the vaccine that the older adult received was Pfizer.

As expected, the curious error quickly went viral on social networks, where various users have shared jokes and memes about it.

By the way, the poet William Shakespeare, considered the most important writer in the English language and one of the most prominent in world literature, died May 3, 1616.


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