The father of the British Prime Minister obtains French citizenship .. and confirms: I have regained my identity

happened Stanley Johnson The father of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who has French citizenship, told a Belgian news website that he wanted to maintain a link with the European Union after Brexitaccording to The Independent

Stanley Johnson, whose mother was French, told BFMTV that having French citizenship was a precious thing and allowed him to reclaim part of his identity.

Unlike his son, who led the campaign to leave the European Union, Stanley Johnson voted in 2016 to remain in the European Union, though he later changed his mind, saying it was time to leave.

Downing Street said Stanley Johnson’s decision to acquire French citizenship was “a personal matter of the prime minister’s father”.

Johnson – the father – had announced that he would seek French citizenship in December, a month before Britain’s full departure from the European Union

The French Ministry of Justice confirmed that Stanley had obtained French citizenship, after he applied for it on November 18, 2021

During his speech on Friday, he said: “I was very happy .. I consider myself a citizen of the European Union again, and this is very good,” adding: “It is also symbolic on an emotional level. It is precious to me to get a part of my identity back.”

French law prevents children of French citizens from obtaining citizenship if the parents have lived outside the country for more than 50 years without using their rights.

However, the Ministry of Justice said that Johnson the father was able to reactivate his right to obtain French citizenship, benefiting from an article for those who have a “cultural, professional, economic, family” relationship with the French state, and added that Johnson’s French citizenship applies only to him and does not include his offspring.

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