The fear of a Premier League star to publicly tell that he is homosexual: “I will be crucified”

A footballer spoke from anonymity about the fear he feels every time he jumps onto the playing field (Reuters)

Regrettably, homosexuality within sport continues to be one of the taboo subjects in the 21st century. Although many debate and think about it through the media or social networks, only some are those who decide to express it publicly, feeling great relief and pride in doing so, such as recently happened to the olympic champion Tom Daley at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

While he was able to do it, in football it seems that there is a more hostile climate And that is why today it is very difficult for a player to come out of the closet, not because of the fear of what his teammates think, but because of the reactions that the fans may have.

That fear was recently expressed a Premier League star, which in dialogue with the British newspaper The Sun acknowledged that he had to seek professional psychological help.

The Premier League is part of a campaign against homophobia and racism (Reuters)
The Premier League is part of a campaign against homophobia and racism (Reuters)

“It’s 2021 and I should be free to tell everyone who I am”, considered this footballer who decided to speak from anonymity and added: “But there are some fans in the stands for whom we are still in the eighties.”

“I want to be open with people because it is who I am and I am proud. But the truth is that I will be crucified, “he lamented about what he might feel once on the field of play.

The player, of great caliber within the English league, admitted that his head plays a trick on him when it comes to jumping onto the fields in each game: “When I play, I feel like the fans can guess and they’re judging me.”

“Do I make that impression on the field? Is it noticeable in the clothes I wear off the field? It has affected me a lot mentally. It is terrifying ”, sentenced.

The case of Justin Fashanu is a tragic antecedent that marked English football (Reuters)
The case of Justin Fashanu is a tragic antecedent that marked English football (Reuters)

For these reasons, the player commented in the interview that he has contacted the activist Amal Fashanu, niece of the former Norwich star Justin Fashanu, who spoke publicly of his homosexuality while playing professionally in England and that he took his own life after suffering a huge ordeal.

With the intention of helping and fighting homophobia and racism within sport, Amal created a charity in which maintains contacts with some athletes who fear expressing their sexual orientation publicly.

“In 2021, when we’ve never been this awake as a society, it seems like it should be the perfect time for a high-level player to come out of the closet. But the reality is that homophobia, especially on line, is more frequent than ever. We need to protect these players, “Amal recently explained in dialogue with The Sun.

“I am in constant contact with the FA about what can be done but unfortunately it is an unprecedented situation, so it is difficult to implement measures for a situation that has not yet occurred, “he said.


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