The female driver accidentally fell into the river… struggled for half an hour and drowned hundreds of onlookers but couldn’t save her | INTERNATIONAL | CTWANT

A drowning tragedy occurred in Yunnan, mainland China. A woman was sitting on the roof of a car almost submerged by the river waiting for rescue. In the nearly 30 minutes from when the police received the report to when they arrived at the scene, more than 100 people watched, many of whom tried to jump into the river to save their lives, but were unable to save the woman. When the rescue team rescued the woman who was swept away by the river, she died of anger.

Comprehensive Lu media reports, a 27-year-old woman surnamed Pu fell into the river with her car for unknown reasons on the afternoon of the 22nd. After the public found it, they notified the ambulance center at about 1:59 pm. Although the river was very fast, the car kept floating and sinking in the river. , But Pu Nv still packed her things calmly. After drifting for several kilometers, she opened the sunroof and climbed to the top of the car to wait for rescue. She called out to the surrounding for help from time to time. , sadly returned to the shore and watched Punu gradually drift towards the middle of the river.

The people at the scene lamented that they wanted to save the woman but could not save her. (Picture / Retrieved from Weibo)

After the car was completely destroyed, Pu Nv was immediately swept away by the strong current. When the rescue team finally arrived at 2:26 pm and rescued Pu Nv, Pu Nv was out of breath. He was pronounced dead after half an hour. Since the tragedy was not only watched by hundreds of people, many netizens also watched the process of Punu from the driver’s seat, the roof of the car, and then being washed into the river through social platforms, which caused public opinion and the local government to pay attention.

Therefore, in the bulletin of the case, the local public security bureau specifically mentioned that it only took less than half an hour for the rescuers to rescue the woman from receiving the notification. Long, that is, the current is too fast, there is no time to hang the pole to the correct position, let alone throw the lifebuoy into the river to rescue her.

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