The figures of Messi’s contract, in detail

  • ‘El Mundo’ reveals the Argentine’s contract signed in 2017 and that has cost Barça 555,237,619 gross euros for four seasons

  • The Rosario footballer charges 138 million gross per campaign, which is equivalent to 74 million euros net

  • The agreement entailed a renewal bonus of almost 98 million and a loyalty bonus of 66.2 million

The newspaper The world has uncovered in detail Leo Messi’s contract with Barça. According to your information, the renewal signed in 2017 has a cost for the FC Barcelona of 555,237,619 gross euros paid in four seasons, until the current one, 2020-21.

At the moment, the Argentine has already collected more than 511 million euros, that is, 92% of what he could enter. The annual remuneration represents 138 million euros gross, which is equivalent to 74 million euros net for the player. A day, it would be 210,297 euros net.

These figures were agreed in the last contract that Messi signed with Barça on November 25, 2017 and with Josep Maria Bartomeu President. The document has 30 pages divided between an employment contract and an image rights contract. On behalf of Barça, Bartomeu was signed by the former sports vice president, Jordi Mestre, and the CEO, Òscar Grau. With that new contract, which Messi took to sign, the termination clause went from 250 million to 700 million.

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The agreement involved two monumental bonuses. The first was taken by Messi at the very moment of signing. For having renewed, he received 97,941,250 euros, which he received in two payments: 60,089,560 euros in December 2017; and the second, of 37,851,690 euros, in December 2018. The second premium, of loyalty, was fulfilled on February 1, 2020 and for it the Rosario pocketed 66.2 million euros.

The contract is full of variables. If you play 60% of the games, you receive 1.6 million euros. The same amount if Barça qualify for the Champions League. If the Catalans access the round of 16, 946,305 euros; to the quarterfinals, 1,419,458 euros; to the semifinals, 1,419,461 euros if it is a finalist. If Messi wins the Champions he adds 3.5 million euros, something that has not happened since he signed in 2017. If he is a league champion, he is entitled to 2.3 million euros (he has done it twice) and if he is a champion of the Copa del Rey , 591,000 euros (has done it once). In terms of variables, Messi has already earned 25.3 million euros.


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