The first appearance in 3 years .. Amal Maher shocked her fans at the El Alamein concert

After a long wait, the audience of the artist, Amal Maher, did not find what he expected, as the Egyptian singer shocked her audience with a modest artistic performance at the El Alamein concert on the northern coast, on Friday, which recorded her first appearance after a 3-year hiatus.

Followers of the ceremony monitored the lackluster performance and the confused voice in which Amal Maher appeared, contrary to what her audience expected, who was waiting for her.

The anger of the audience of Amal Maher’s concert was exacerbated by the many mistakes made by the band, and the lack of harmony, which prompted some of the audience to leave the stage early, especially with the company’s failure to comply with the timing of the start of the concert and the delay in Amal’s rise to the stage.

As an extension of the story of the failure to organize Amal Maher’s concert in El Alamein, the tickets came at exorbitant prices, and the party organizer was forced to distribute unsold tickets for free in an attempt to overcome his failure and suggest that the theater was full.

According to the information, Amal Maher seemed very angry about everything that happened, and threatened not to go up to the stage when it was empty, which prompted the contracting company to distribute tickets for free, which also explains the delay in the artist’s rise to the stage.

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