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Reporter Wu Ruici / Comprehensive Report

The drama “Black Sun” starring Nangong Min has set an eye-catching result for the TV station MBC. Each episode of the film has a new hot spot, starting from the first episode with a ratings of 7.2%, and each episode has performed well thereafter. However, the actor Park Ha Sun, who was originally listed as the heroine, was assassinated in the sixth episode of the drama. The audience thought that there would be a reversal. However, the official confirmed on the 13th that the character received a lunch. “Park Ha Sun got off the bus (exit) “Frankly,” Park Ha-sun didn’t care about the proportion of the role at the beginning. He joined it only after seeing the key role of the role. The crew is very grateful to her for her role.

▲ “Black Sun” heroine Park Ha Sun only plays the 6-episode lunch box. (Picture/Retrieved from MBC)

Every episode of “Black Sun” has a shocking reversal. The heroine Park Ha-sun was even assassinated in the sixth episode. In the drama, even her funeral was set up and she officially received the lunch, but she died as the heroine. It was so fast that many drama fans were puzzled and even thought that there would be a reversal in the future, but on the 13th, the producer of MBC TV station Songguchi revealed that “Park Ha Sun did withdraw”, she can be regarded as the first female protagonist to die the earliest in the history of Korean dramas. .

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▲ “Black Sun” starring Nam Gong Min and Park Ha Sun, has been highly discussed since its broadcast. (Picture/Retrieved from MBC)

The producer revealed that Park Ha Sun’s “Seo Soo Yeon” was originally set to bring an impact in the second half of the drama and then exit the role. It is a very important and difficult role. It needs an actor who has acting skills and can trust. The lead actor, the role that made the crew the most mind-blowing when casting the cast, “Fortunately, Park Ha Sun did not care about the proportion of the role. He felt the same for the importance of the role and agreed to play. As the producer of the drama, I am very grateful to her. .”

“Black Sun” tells the story of a special commissioner “Han Zhi Hyuk” who has lost his memory. He disappeared for a year and suddenly appeared. In order to catch the ghost in the National Intelligence Agency, he did not want to trust anyone and launched an independent investigation. A total of 12 episodes of the show are expected to be broadcast, and it is currently being broadcast on friDay.

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