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2023-10-02 02:39:00

Produced by gold medal producer Jiang Weigang, co-produced by Cai Wenjing and Fan Gongyong, directed by directors Gao Xiaofei and Hong Zheng, written by Bai Feng, Wang Song, and Liao Ming, starring Liang Yuan and Fu Fangjun, with Wang Ziquan, Miao Tingru, Yang Yue, Qian Dong No co-starring, friendly starring Wu JunSuspense mystery drama “Testimony”Officially logged into Tencent Video today to meet with audience friends. The TV series “Testimony” is the most interesting “script killing” with innovative concepts. It has sufficient market elements such as suspense reasoning, action, emotion, and thriller. It is especially out of the circle and strives to give female audiences a warning and a new knowledge point.

Nowadays, scumbag men of all races often use “pick-up techniques” to chat up girls they like, but in fact they are “using routines to attract or even control girls.” They use seemingly legal social platforms to sexually assault girls in full view of the public. This new type of criminal method, the pick-up technique, has given all kinds of scumbags a reasonable and legal cover. They are not afraid of the gaze, and they do whatever they want in public places and sexually assault girls without any scruples. Girls: Please protect yourself and don’t strike up conversations with strangers!

The story of the drama “Testimony” tells the story of a female prosecutor, Su Qing (played by Liang Yuan), who intervened in a murder case at an Internet celebrity coffee shop. Through clues in the case, she discovered that the case was inextricably linked to the crime in PUA’s heart. In her contact with the shop owner Qi Hui (played by Fu Fangjun), Su Qing gradually came into contact with the core of the case… A battle between wisdom and evil is going on. Can the dangerous journey of sin and evil usher in the truth? Tencent video drama “Testimony” gives you the answer!

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The powerful cast and acting skills have raised expectations.

The drama “Testimony” not only invited a professional production team to protect the final presentation, but also paid great attention to the matching of the cast. The series invites Fu Fangjun, who has performed brilliantly in film and television works such as “Agarwood Like Chips”, “Love in Chencang”, “With Junge”, “Liu Li” and “Chang’an Nuo”, to play the male lead Qi Hui. Faced with the murder of his father and the suspect being released in court, Qi Hui’s intense inner shock was vividly performed by Fu Fangjun. His wonderful performance in the drama “Testimony” must be worth looking forward to.

Su Qing, a female prosecutor who enforces the law impartially and meticulously in the TV series “Testimony” is played by Liang Yuan, a young actor who has starred in the hit criminal investigation drama “White Night”. Whether it is her caution and acumen when she comes into contact with the case, or the case With his tenacity and bravery during the investigation, Liang Yuan created the complex and multifaceted temperament of Su Qing, giving the film one more eye-catching feature on top of the thrilling plot and climax suspense. What to watch.

bloody mysteryPUAThe road is full of dangers

In the TV series “Testimony”, a bizarre and bloody murder occurred in an internet celebrity coffee shop, making female prosecutor Su Qing keenly aware of the fishy nature of it, and she launched an investigation. As a coffee shop owner, Qi Hui was greatly impacted by the case, because the victim Qi Siyuan was his father! During her contact with Qi Hui, Su Qing continued to get closer to the truth, and was constantly destroyed by mysterious people. As more details of the case are revealed, the identity of the real murderer behind the scenes is beyond everyone’s expectation…

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The drama “Testimony” focuses on a new type of PUA crime and is the first suspense mystery drama about PUA in China. PUA is a sinful means of “attracting and controlling the opposite sex through routines” to achieve criminal purposes. In recent years, as more and more PUA shady stories have been exposed, PUA has gradually been understood by more society. The drama “Testimony” is cut from the perspective of PUA topics. Through suspenseful case investigations and twists and turns of the plot, it integrates social hot spots and narrative techniques to bring the audience a hearty journey of suspenseful reasoning dramas.

The drama “Testimony” is produced by Beijing Ruiyu Culture Media Co., Ltd., jointly produced by Xinxin Red Star Culture Media (Xiamen) Co., Ltd., Wenyuan Film and Television (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., and produced by Wenyuan Film and Television Co., Ltd., and has been launched today Exclusively premiered on Tencent Video, members can watch the full episode, and non-members will be updated with 2 episodes every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. The confusing case, the wonderful investigation, and more exciting plot content are all available in Tencent Video “Testimony”!


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