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The first tournament of the year! RoV Pro League 2022 Summer starts 29 Jan.

come back again with the greatest professional RoV competition “RoV Pro League 2022 Summer” to win a total prize money of up to 10,000,000 baht, starting on January 29

For this competition comes in the concept The Next Era or “stepping into a new era” is a step into a new era of fun. and greater challenges Because this season marks the beginning of an international journey with exponentially higher payouts. Therefore, e-sports athletes need to keep practicing. and develop their own potential To mold together as one to lead the team to fight for victory. and aiming to be number 1 in this competition

This season, there are a total of 9 top clubs participating. namely
1. KFC x Talon (KTN)
2. Valencia CF Sports (VCF)
3. Bacon Time (BAC)
4. Buriram United Esports (BRU)
5. eArena (EA)
6. King of Gamers Club (KOG)
7. PSG Sports (PSG)
8. EVOS Esports (EVOS)
9. Goldcity Sports (GCT)

All competitions will be held online. For safety during the Covid-19 situation It will be broadcast through the new Augmented Reality (AR) technology, which will provide a superior viewing experience. In order for the audience to fully enjoy the fun of the competition throughout the season.

The competition will begin with the Regular Season round or the scoring round. All clubs will compete in either Double Round Robins format or a total of two rounds of matches using the Global Ban Pick system. will not be available for the next game of that club) and Best of 5 (Club that wins 3 games first will win that match).

The Regular Season will run from 29 January to 20 March 2022 for 8 weeks, with races being played every Thursday to Sunday of every week. (Except for weeks 1 and 5, which will compete only on Saturdays – Sundays). Follow and watch live on the fan page. Garena RoV Tournament and YouTube: Garena RoV Thailand

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