The flooded Jizera closed several roads in Mladoboleslavsk

The restriction concerns the roads along the Jizera.

The increased level of the Jizera began to complicate transport to Mladoboleslavsk. Due to the danger of flooding, the first roads were closed. The level of the river in Bakov nad Jizerou is currently at level 2 of flood activity, but it is already beginning to peak.

Already yesterday, the flood commission in Mladá Boleslav decided to close the road along the Jizera near the gardens in Podlázky, and in the evening the Regional Administration and Road Maintenance of the Central Bohemian Region announced the closure of other roads along the Jizera. Specifically, these are roads II/276 in Bakov nad Jizerou, III/27922 in Loukov, II/275 in Brodce and III/27917 in Mohelnice. Later, road closures III/27229 in Vinci and III/27214 in Dražice were added. In the morning, road III/2591 was added in the section Zámostí – Mladá Boleslav.

The rise in the level of the Jizera occurred after a large flood in the mountains associated with rain. The water should gradually subside.

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