The former Indian cricketer has revealed that Shane Warne himself was misunderstood on the field.

Australian legend Shane Warne has said goodbye to cricket fans around the world in tears last month. Shane Vaughan was an inspiration to many cricketers. The hero of every spinner in the world will be Shane Vaughan. The hero of former Indian cricketer Harbhajan Singh is also an Australian legend.

Former India spinner Harbhajan Singh has revealed that Shine Warne himself was misunderstood on the cricket field.
“Let me tell you a story I mentioned in my book, I really saw him in the series against Australia, where I took 32 wickets in 2000. He was batting with Steve Waugh in the third Test in Chennai. The non-striker was at the end. I was looking at him respectfully as I stood for the run.

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He saw me staring at me and asked me what your problem was and what I was looking at. He thought I was going to say or do something else. So I went to Vaughn’s side and said.

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‘Look dude I was looking at my hero standing next to me in adoration and it was my dream to see you play live. Now I play with you. This is a great moment for me. ‘He changed his mind and thanked me.

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We have had that relationship since then. He congratulated me after taking 32 wickets in that series. That really shocked me. He wished I had played well and could go a long way, ”said Harbhajan.

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