The Fractured Relationship: James Harden’s Transfer Request from the Sixers and Daryl Morey’s Role

2023-07-18 09:10:00

Not getting the long-term contract he seeks from the Sixers, James Harden requested his transfer from Philadelphia. And obviously, there is no scenario in which the Bearded man can change his mind. His relationship with Sixers general manager Daryl Morey is indeed “fractured”.

For a long time, James Harden and Daryl Morey lived in great love. The star guard and manager spent nearly a decade together in Houston, with the latter building the Texas franchise around the former’s talents. Next, Morey had Harden flown from Brooklyn to Philadelphia in exchange for Ben Simmons, with the two hugging tightly as they got off the plane. What love! But this era is now over if we are to believe the latest information from Shams Charania.

The insider of The Athletic dropped an update on the current situation in Philadelphia, stating that Harden and Morey’s relationship is now “fractured.”

“The relationship between James Harden and Daryl Morey is essentially severed, it’s essentially fractured throughout this process.”

NBA Insider @ShamsCharania has the latest on James Harden.

— The Rally (@TheRally) July 17, 2023

“What I learned in Las Vegas (at the Summer League, editor’s note) is that the relationship between Daryl Morey and James Harden is cut, fractured. There is no longer this openness, this confidence that we saw during 692 games together in Houston and Philadelphia.

When James Harden decided to take his player option to apply for a transfer, it came from Harden who believes the Sixers have no intention of offering him a long-term contract as a free agent. He is terribly frustrated with the way the Sixers handled his potential Free Agency.”

As a reminder, James Harden was in a position to become a free agent this summer and was looking for a long-term contract, at the Sixers or potentially elsewhere. But Daryl Morey refused to put such an offer on the table. Not really having a competitor on the file (no NBA franchise seemed ready to put a big jackpot on Harden this summer), the president of basketball operations in Philly thus upset the Bearded man, who was probably expecting more consideration from his boss, especially after the financial sacrifices he made in the 2022 off-season to notably allow the signing of PJ Tucker. Result of the races: Harden activated his player option to request his transfer in stride.

As Shams Charania indicates, James Harden is a specialist when it comes to ruining a situation to obtain a transfer. He did it in Houston, then in Brooklyn, and could do it again with the Sixers, especially given the state of his relationship with Daryl Morey. But the difference today is that the Barbu is entering his last year of contract. What does it mean ? That means he has to prove his worth to get that big deal he’s looking for. Let’s not forget that the fullback is 33 years old and has shown real signs of decline in recent seasons, even if he remains on a very solid campaign (21 points, 6 rebounds, almost 11 assists average) in his role as Sixers point guard. Voluntarily flouting his basketball does not really seem to be the right plan for him.

James Harden wants to be traded and wants to go to the Clippers, per @ShamsCharania

PG x Kawhi x Harden x Westbrook… who says no? ????

— NBA Retweet (@RTNBA) July 17, 2023

So how will this file evolve? We already knew Harden’s intentions to leave Philly for the Clippers, we also learned that the Sixers were considering keeping him anyway. But we didn’t necessarily think that the relationship between Harden and Morey had become so cold in such a short time.

Can’t wait for the next episode.


Source texte : The Athletic

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