The fury of Yanina Latorre with Nacha Guevara: “My daughter does not return to Singing”

The fury of Yanina Latorre with Nacha Guevara: “My daughter does not return to Singing”

Lola latorre lived his return with little glory to the stage of Cantando 2020. The heiress of Diego and Yanina Latorre complied the suspension imposed by production of the program, after having been present at a clandestine party; That time was added to the one that passed in strict quarantine for having contracted coronavirus. In total, then, the media was absent from the program for a month and a half.

During that period, many of the participants evolved in their presentations while others with a high level, such as Rocío Quiroz, Rodrigo Tapari, Pablo Ruiz and Claribel Medina, were incorporated into the contest. This situation made Latorre’s presentation, compared to the others, was appreciated by the members of the jury as poor and lackluster.

While both Nacha guevara As Oscar Mediavilla and Karina “La Princesita” agreed with this assessment and were consistent in the score they gave the couple, the interpreter of “My city” went one step further: after giving a general feedback and talking to him Latorre’s partner, Lucas Spadafora, refused to speak to the influencer because he considered her “A lost case”.

This appreciation aroused the fury of the young woman’s mother who, true to his style, went to the nets to point heavy ammunition against the artist. “She is a big woman. Nacha is sad. She is 80 years old and portrays a 19-year-old girl,” he began.

And then he insisted: “Does Nacha ask Lola for an education? And she does not say hello. She tells him that it is a hopeless case. What a shame a big lady. Nacha, who is 80 years old, did not greet Lola. Madam, with the shit that has been sent. Shame. I hope Lola does not return. “

As the minutes passed, the panelist from Angels in the morning he was raising the tone of his messages. “I have a fever that the demons take me. I just decided that my daughter will not return to the Singing. Neither Nacha nor anyone else says ‘lost case’. What a fucking mine! Eighty years to fart! “, She expressed, enraged.

For the first time in the program so far, Lola Latorre’s parents were not present in the study. The young woman explained that she was the one who made the decision. “I want to show that I bank alone,” he explained in dialogue with the drivers, Ángel De Brito and Laurita Fernández. This situation was also alluded to by Diego Latorre’s wife in her fiery discharge. “How lucky I was not! Lola called me crying desperately. Does someone do everything so perfect as to execute a 19-year-old girl like that?”, She revealed. And he shot, once again: “Nacha Guevara makes me ashamed. Let her take care of her children. Let that count, right?”

“And everyone sucks an egg from me. Everyone. No one is going to mistreat Lola, who was with tremendous dignity. Everyone is calling me to get her out of there. And that’s it. She won’t come back,” culminated her catharsis in the networks.

This is not the first confrontation between the artist, the panelist and their daughter. At the beginning of the contest, both Yanina and Lola publicly mocked Nacha’s tremors and then they were forced to apologize.

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