The Game Awards 2023 Shortlist Controversy: Hogwarts Legacy Snub and Independent Game Debate

2023-11-15 08:36:04

The 2023 The Game Awards (TGA) shortlist has been announced. Many players are dissatisfied that “Hogwarts Legacy” (Hogwarts Legacy) was not shortlisted for any award, and protested that “Dave the Diver” (Dave the Diver) was nominated for ” Best Indie Game”. “Harry Potter” extended magic RPG “Hogwarts Legacy” was released in March this year and affected 880,000 Steam players. Same as above, it officially launched on Switch yesterday (14th). The reduced capacity still maintains a smooth open world and immersive experience. Players have It is expected to be shortlisted for the TGA Best Role Playing Game (BEST RPG). As a result, the best RPG shortlist was announced: “Star Ocean”, “P’s Lie”, “Baldur’s Gate 3”, “FF16” and “Star Sky”, “Hogwarts Legacy” did not receive any nominations, causing controversy, and many fans protested against the game Being left out, its excellent reputation is at least worthy of being shortlisted for any award. — The Game Awards (@thegameawards) November 13, 2023 Foreign media Forbes reported that the best-selling “Hogwarts Legacy” was implicated in the “Harry Potter” author JK Rowling’s transphobic controversy , publisher Warner and developer Avalanche Software tried their best to distance themselves from her, and even created original transgender game characters, but they still couldn’t shake public opinion. The article also adds that the reason for the failure of “Hogwarts Legacy” is not just political factors. Its Metacritic overall score of 84 is quite stable, but in 2023, when there are so many masterpieces, there is no particularly outstanding part compared to its competitors. “It’s hard to find a suitable category for nomination. In 2023, you have to go beyond excellence, and I’m not sure it meets this standard.” On the other hand, TGA’s BEST INDEPENDENT GAME also attracted attention, and the finalists include ” Cocoon, DREDGE, Sea of ​​Stars, Viewfinder and Dave the Diver. Among them, “Diver Dave” was questioned and should not appear in the “Independent Game” nomination. The game was created and published by the small development team MINTROCKET. MINTROCKET is an independent sub-brand of the South Korean game giant Nexon, focusing on “bottom-up” development. process and explore original games that bring fun to players. If the official statement is true, “Diver Dave” is a developer-led and initiated work, which is in line with the spirit of “independent games” that values ​​”showing ideas and creativity.” However, MINTROCKET is backed by Nexon, one of the top ten game companies in the world by market value. Its abundant capital provides a stable development environment, plus a strong publishing advantage that most independent game teams lack. And the official has always emphasized that “Diver Dave” is produced by Nexon’s internal team, and has never used “independent game” to describe this game. There is actually no standard definition of the term “independent game”. The most commonly mentioned characteristic of being called “independent” is the lack of major capital support. Therefore, Nexon’s “Diver Dave” does not meet the expectations of many developers. Indie game. Tyler Glaiel, the developer of “The End Is Nigh” and “Closure”, believes that TGA should nominate “Pizza Tower”, which has received overwhelming praise. there is no reasonable definition of “independent game” that could possibly apply to Dave the Divernot too late to swap that with pizza tower — Tyler Glaiel (@TylerGlaiel) November 13, 2023 “Chinatown Detective Agency” and more Pixel game developer Ricardo Juchem pointed out that “Diver Dave” looks like an independent game, but MINTROCKET has stated that it is not an independent developer. “As of November 10, Nexon’s net assets reached US$18.71 billion.” Não vote em Dave The Diver.Dave The Diver não um jogo independente.Apesar da aparência indie, Mintrocket afirmouque não um desenvolvedor independente.Mintrocket é uma submarca da Nexon.O patrimônio líquido da Nexon era de US$ 18,71 bilhões em 10 de novembro de 2023. — Ricardo Juchem (@RicardoJuchem) November 14, 2023 Japanese independent game developer ichijo said that TGA’s nomination of “Diver Dave” as an independent game is too nonsense, “Surprisingly, no one seems to Know that this is a game produced by Nexon.” The tweet cited by ichijo came from Ryan T. Brown, the game marketing director who served on the BAFTA jury for the British Academy Game Awards from 2020 to 2023. He satirized TGA for allowing more than 7,000 employees to Big companies get “independent” certification, telling those developers who are alone in their bedrooms (real independent developers) who is the boss.えー、デイブザダイバーのTGAインディーアワードエントリは流石にやりすぎでは.みんな unexpected とネクソンのゲームだってことを知らない — ichijo (@Takaaki_Ichijo) November 14, 2023 The TGA Game Awards shortlist is nominated by a jury composed of more than 100 influential furniture media, institutions and KOLs from around the world. last two years The finalists for the Best Independent Game Award include “Cyna: Bridge of Souls”, “Stray” and “Attack on the Lamb”, among which there are also teams that have received support from large publishers. In the TGA community post, “Diver Dave” was also specially noted for its development background by Reason for review. Lmao get community noted — DANNYonPC (@DANNYonPC) November 14, 2023

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