The Geese make elephants fly

Fat geese
Gemma Martz

The first notes of one of the key pieces of the new album sounded and the public hurried to reach their plot. They ran, no one wanted to miss a second of the show: Elephants flying. A short but intense night was promised in the Parc de les Aigües de Figueres, a night of those that you wish would not end, that would never end. With all the tickets sold out, the Fat Geese thronged in front of some fans of the sun and life, given to those who take the name of a beast, to sing, straight and full of lungs, each of the successes of their group preferred.

With five albums on their backs, the Geese came loaded with energy and melodies that sang the whole Park, accompanying the warm voice and with that particular idiosyncrasy of the singer Josep Montero. The street rhythms of Lakilove, Goodline i Offer life (from the new album On top of life) intertwined perfectly with the most mythical themes of the Osona group: the audience sprinkled with theCockle, and almost became a whale with John Brown and its choreography. If all the important successes were touched, it could not fail, then, to make the important steps. As the lyrics say, they are usually done without clothes and, at that time of the concert, hundreds of T-shirts made the helicopter holding the hand of their owners. Also, the transitions between songs were so fast that the audience didn’t have time to rest cul.

The album Fans del Sol, which if a year and a half ago was the novelty, has now been consolidated and made eternal, was no less. The air song it was made of the public and with that slow march, people moved the trunk and removed the thorns. But she was not the only one on this album who with a cool comeback, endured the onslaught, and singing a lalala, the audience could not help but comment that the show is(va) guai. The Geese, with In the night i We will be birds, did justice to the overwhelming victory of the Enderrock Awards 2020.

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All this, considering that they presented each of the creations of the new album and did so amid shouts and leaps of emotion from their fans. Those of Geese go petar-ho in every way, they were freaking out, even if they came out of the mud. In this sense, they made a “pasito palante, with la Maria” and they shouted to the wind the joy of the roll to exist and the audience responded with them to the brim with the life of De bonesh, more anxious.

In short, an explosive night that ended with the sweetest taste: The people I love. A mix of nostalgia and love that makes us carry a piece of yesterday. One night you want it to be “morning.”


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