The general manager of foreign investment investment asked Cai Lixing to see this way | Anue Juheng-Taiwan Stock News

IC design company MediaTek (2454-TW) Today (27th) held a law conference. In response to foreign investment, global inflation may squeeze consumer electronics demand. Vice Chairman and CEO Cai Lixing said frankly that this situation may indeed happen, but according to current research, this year A recession is unlikely, and even if that happens in the future, the most important thing in running a business is to be resilient to changes in the external environment.

Foreign investors pointed out that global inflation continues to heat up, and the prices of necessary consumer spending, including energy and food, are soaring, further squeezing people’s demand for consumer electronics, and the market has also discussed that consumer-related semiconductor demand will decline in 2023.

Cai Lixing does not shy away from saying that this situation is happening now, and running a business must also make many assumptions and learn as much economic forecast as possible, including hard landing, soft landing, etc. However, judging from many recent surveys, at least this year There will be no recession.

Cai Lixing added that although he is not an economist, the company looks forward. Even if the world faces the risk of economic downturn, the company knows how to deal with the cycle of economic cycles, which is one of the factors that must be measured when running a business.

Cai Lixing emphasized that if the global economy falls into recession, the relative performance of enterprises will become an important observation indicator. Although MediaTek’s revenue from consumer electronics is high, it is still guaranteed that MediaTek will perform well, and the outside world must also recognize that when the global economy is in a recession No business is immune to a recession, so it is of the utmost importance that businesses must be resilient to changes in the economy.

Looking back on 2020, when the global epidemic broke out, the economy was weak in the first half of the year, but in the second half of the year, with the acceleration of global digital transformation, the market demand for semiconductors surged, and the overall prosperity quickly reversed upwards. Leading advantages and high market share, it has become the target of many companies to follow.

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