“The Generational Shift in Tennis: Novak Djokovic Reflects on the Future of the Sport”

2023-05-18 08:25:12

Rome: The world number one player Novak Djokovic said that the long awaited generational change has happened in tennis. The reaction came after 20-year-old Danish player Dane Holger lost to Rooney in the Italian Open quarterfinals. The 35-year-old Serbian lost with the score of 6-2, 4-6, 6-2.

‘The new generation has come here. Carlos Alcaraz is number one. Alcarez plays beautiful tennis. New sports are good for tennis. We have been saying for many years that there will be a generational change. Now its time has come. I will try to keep up with them as much as possible. I still have an urge to compete. Let’s wait and see how far it can go’ – said Djokovic.

Carlos Alcarez, Stefanos Tsitsipas, Holger Rooney

The triumvirate that dominated men’s tennis for nearly two decades – Roger Federer, Djokovic and Rafael Nadal – is coming to an end. While Federer announced his retirement, the other two who are still playing are plagued by injury and age.

Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Djokovic

Nadal and Djokovic share the record for most Grand Slams with 22 titles each. Federer has 20 Grand Slams. Nadal has not been able to compete since the injury sustained during the Australian Open in January. Nadal, who won the title 14 times, also lost the French Open. Djokovic, who has an elbow injury, ended the last match after seeking the help of a doctor and taking painkillers.

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