The Geneva police intervene for a serious family dispute

The Geneva police intervention group and heavily armed gendarmes carried out an operation on Sunday evening between 8 p.m. and 9 p.m. on Avenue de Miremont, in the Champel district. A reader filmed them moving past the ground floor of aisles 5 and 7. Law enforcement spokesman Alexandre Brahier says the officers were hired after a heated argument had broken out. broke out in an apartment “in a private and intra-family setting”. The police intervened in large numbers because he had been told of the use of a bladed weapon.

“The woman, injured in the leg, had taken refuge in the driveway while waiting for help. The man was arrested and placed at the disposal of the Public Ministry”, details the communicator. The latter specifies that this type of device is put in place “mainly when a person represents a danger for himself or for others and refuses to cooperate”.

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