The German Rapid Action Team Prepared for Evacuation in Lebanon Amid Middle East Conflict

2024-03-03 17:38:42

The German Ministry of Defense stated on Sunday that “the German Rapid Action Team is prepared to withdraw from Lebanon if the war in the Gaza Strip expands to include other countries in the region.”

The Ministry of Defense said in a post on its account on the “X” platform: “The rapid intervention team specialized in evacuation missions was finally prepared for evacuation from Lebanon in the event that the war in the Gaza Strip expands to include the entire region.”

The German Defense Forces indicated that “its forces deployed in the Middle East are working on specific tasks, the most important of which is carrying out the evacuation of citizens from some areas.”

The German news agency reported earlier, “The German armed forces have deployed more than 1,000 soldiers in the Middle East, primarily in Cyprus, to carry out a possible operation to evacuate German citizens from the conflict zone.”

Lebanon’s southern border has witnessed intermittent exchanges of fire between the Israeli army and Hezbollah since the start of the Israeli war on the Gaza Strip on October 7.

The pace of Israeli bombing of Lebanese border villages and towns escalated, as the Israeli army targeted many civilian homes, leading to the killing of civilians, including children. In return, Hezbollah expanded its operations on Israeli sites and settlements.

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