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2023-09-27 11:33:01

The two signatory parties are working together, with the help of the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Morocco, to promote the social and economic inclusion of the 12 beneficiary mothers.

The German Group Stahlschmidt international holding GmbH (SCS), through its industrial unit in Tangier, has just signed, Monday September 25, a partnership agreement with the “100% Mamans” Association for the professional integration of women in difficulty. Some 12 single mothers managed to join the teams at this factory, as part of its CSR policy. “This collaboration is at the initiative of the Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany to Morocco, Robert Dölger, who expressed his support and encouragement to the 100% Mamans Association during his visit to its headquarters in Tangier. We welcome the efforts made on all sides to facilitate the access of women beneficiaries to work and to be financially independent,” affirmed Zouhair Magour, honorary consul of the Federal Republic of Germany, before adding: “We call for expand the circle of partner companies for the launch of new initiatives aimed at promoting the professional and social integration of women in vulnerable situations.

According to this partnership, Stahlschmidt Morocco is committed to offering an inclusive and respectful working environment, free from any form of discrimination or harassment, in order to promote the integration and professional development of women beneficiaries. The company will designate a manager to coordinate collaborative actions with the partner association. As two signatory partners, “we have, with the help of the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany, worked together to help the professional integration of the 12 women beneficiaries, by offering them jobs corresponding to their profiles. They will work during administrative hours that are well adapted to allow them to fulfill their role as mothers,” said Said Mrabet Ibrahimi, director of the company Stahlschmidt Morocco.

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As for 100% Mamans, its mission within the framework of this partnership is to provide training, advice, mentoring and personalized support services to women, in order to be able to develop their skills and prepare them for the demands of the professional world. “This project illustrates the work that we carry out within the association for the professional and social integration of mothers. The partner company supports 100% Mamans and allows a dozen women to integrate the economic fabric of the city of Tangier, while adapting working hours to help them reconcile their role as mothers and their professional life. explained Claire Trichot, president of the 100% Mamans Association.

Recall that the German Group officially opened its industrial unit in June 2022, specializing in components and assemblies for mechanical unlocking systems, in Tangier Automotive City (TAC). This factory is currently at 50% of its total capacity, planned to be completed, and has so far generated nearly 500 jobs. While 100% Mamans was created in 2006 in Tangier, with the aim of supporting single mothers in the process of their social and economic inclusion. Some 4,000 young mothers (including migrant mothers) have benefited from guidance and support within the association.

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