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The Government will oblige telecommunications operators to pay the RTVE rate for one more year

US platforms such as Netflix or HBO will be exempted from paying the fee.

The Government will oblige the telecommunications operators to pay the annual fee for financing of the RTVE Corporation for another year, that is, until 2023, as established in the General Audiovisual Law project, approved on Tuesday by the Council of Ministers.

The sixth transitional provision says that “as long as the new provisions relating to the financing of RTVE contained in the third final provision do not come into force in accordance with the provisions of the eighth final provision, the obligations relating to the RTVE funding established in Law 8/2009, of August 28, for telecommunications operators of a state geographic scope or greater than that of an autonomous community and for television audiovisual communication service providers of a state geographic scope or greater than that of an autonomous community “.

The third final provision regulates the new financing of RTVE and the eighth final provision establishes that this new financing mechanism It will enter into force in 2023.

The actual RTVE Financing Law, which came into force in 2009, establishes a tax on private free-to-air television channels of 3% of their gross income; to those of payment, of 1.5%, and to the companies of telecommunications, of 0.9%.

The text of the new General Audiovisual Law project, to which Europa Press has had access, eliminates the rate for companies such as Movistar, Vodafone in Orange and it obliges the providers of the video exchange service through the platform or the providers of the audiovisual communication service on demand to contribute to financing the public entity with 1.5% of its income in Spain. American platforms like Netflix o HBO they will be exempted from paying the fee.

The previous draft General Law of Audiovisual Communication did contemplate that the content platforms Audiovisuals ‘online’ or video-on-demand services by live broadcast and video exchange such as Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime, Disney + or YouTube will dedicate 1.5% of their income in Spain to this end.

DigitalEs, the employers’ association telecommunications operators, has accused the Government of “not complying with the commitments” after the project of the audiovisual communication law sent to Congress includes that operators must continue to pay 0.9% of their income in 2022 to finance RTVE.

The Annual cost For the companies it will be 130 million euros and the payments made to the Corporation amount to more than 1,500 million euros in total, while the contributions of the operators account for more than 65% of the contributions made to RTVE, as they have transferred to Europa Press in industry sources.

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Investments are at risk

DigitalEs has issued a statement after the event in which it warns that the fact that teleoperators have to face this payment puts immediate network deployments at risk and, therefore, Spain’s position of competitive advantage in telecommunications infrastructures. “In this difficult context, the continuity of assessment in 2022 it will necessarily impact on the investment plans planned for next year, “says the employer. Likewise, it has also denounced that Spanish operators bear a greater tax burden than the rest of the European operators.


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