The Great Conquest 2 begins with disqualification and withdrawal in three days

2024-04-24 22:21:58


Grande Conquista 2 started last Monday (22) and didn’t even need fights to lead to withdrawals and disqualifications. Even before the first episode was shown, participant Ysani Kalapalo was prevented from entering the competition after receiving a positive diagnosis for Covid-19.

“It is with sadness that we inform you that Ysani was disqualified from the Record TV reality show, after it was confirmed that she has Covid-19. We want to thank you immensely for all the support that the public showed even before the program premiered”, wrote the team from the owner of the largest indigenous YouTube channel. In Ysani’s place, Record placed Lara Costa, who became the new participant number 100.
However, the number has already been reduced to 99 since Gaby Fontenelle withdrew this Wednesday (24). The villain got involved in an argument with Liziane Gutierrez on Tuesday, but she couldn’t handle the pressure and asked to leave the reality show.

Fontenelle’s decision provoked punishment for the residents of Casa Laranja, who were left without hot water. “Gaby Fontenelle couldn’t handle the pressure of the game and asked to leave. The Owner of Casa Laranja, Lucas de Albú, and some other participants were unable to convince Gaby to continue. Thus, the entire House will be punished”, announced the program, under the command of Rachel Sheherazade.

The first Risk Zone will be formed in this Wednesday’s program. Nominees will have a chance to get out of the spotlight if they win a test. So far, João Hadad is already in the Risk Zone due to a dynamic carried out at home.

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