The Green Party’s “Sit us together” discussion format was once again well attended

2024-02-16 09:47:06

Maurer: “The people in our country are critical, committed and diverse. It was a great evening.”

Vienna (OTS) – The Green Parliament Club’s “Sit us together” discussion evenings are very popular. Yesterday evening, Thursday, the series of discussions started its second round. Club chairman Sigi Maurer, as well as National Council members Georg Bürstmayr, Faika El-Nagashi, Meri Disoski and Markus Koza and the Green Party club chairman in Vienna City Hall, David Ellensohn, were available for discussions in the “Zur Herknerin” inn in Vienna.

The almost 60 Viennese were able to describe their views, questions and wishes in various discussion groups in a full restaurant. There was discussion, listening and the future of Austria discussed.

The topics range from the impending shift to the right to the climate crisis, which worries many of the participants. “What can I do so that my granddaughter will have a good life?” asked a lady from Favoriten. “It is the job of politicians to protect our planet. Climate protection can no longer be given lip service, but must become a top priority before it is too late. So far only the Greens have had a clear language and stance,” said one guest.

“Politicians must listen to children and young people and take them seriously. Because we are not just the future, we are already here. Listening to us and letting us have a say would be an important step towards saving the world,” said one student.

“Hopefully the election campaign won’t be a mudslinging battle,” wishes an older gentleman from Seestadt and continues: “We talk so politely here and now, listen to each other and are respectful. I expect this to work in politics too.”

But an optimistic outlook was also important to the participants. Visions of a future worth living and confident perspectives were articulated. “There are such great solutions to our problems at hand, we will succeed in overcoming the climate crisis,” said a young TU student.

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