The grotesque moment of Minister Escrivá with a bottle of water that ends in a general laugh

The Minister of Social Security, José Luis Escrivá.

The Minister of Social Security, José Luis Escrivá.

A lectern, a bottle of water, a glass and the minister Jose Luis Escrivá. These elements never resulted in a video as surreal as the one that went viral on social networks this Tuesday, although the images correspond to an event in early October.

In the recording it is observed how, up on the stage and behind a lectern, Minister Escrivá open a bottle of water before closing a presentation at the Mapfre Senior Talent Map 2021 event on October 1.

At the beginning, everything proceeds normally, until the moment Escrivá begins to pour the water into the hole in the lectern for the bottle believing it was a glass. When he realizes what happened, the minister bursts out into a loud laugh, which spreads to part of those present.

“Ah, this is not … Well … it seemed complex to me. Now i have a problem“He acknowledges with a laugh.” Be very careful with the bottle now, “he adds to himself, before continuing with his speech.

The video corresponds to almost a month ago, but it has become popular now and the reactions on the networks have not been long in coming. “The best of all is the sign that says: ‘aging’ (to grow old)”points out a Twitter user.

There are even those who compare it to the mythical sketch from Tip y Coll in which they explain how to fill a glass of water.

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