The harsh criticism of the players forced Blizzard to change the rules of the “race” in Diablo 4

2023-05-29 11:20:00

This is a themed event where users will need to earn 100 levels as quickly as possible in hardcore mode with the option of permanent death. The first 1000 winners will not only be awarded the title “Forged Champion”but they will also be immortalized on a statue Lilith at Blizzard headquarters.

The problem is that many media outlets and bloggers managed to evaluate the game before the official release, and someone even went through it from start to finish. And the fans felt that this gave them an unfair advantage in the very “race”.

The game director tried to pacify the anger of users Rod Ferguson, noting that the progress of such players was removed, but this did not stop the flow of criticism. And now Blizzard still changed the rules of the event – those who played the pre-release version of Diablo 4 in May can no longer participate in it.

Many considered the change fair, although it seemed to someone that such an event could turn on in the 1st season of the project – so ordinary players would have time to get acquainted with the novelty at the level of bloggers. But Blizzard is unlikely to change the rules again.

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