The head of the Media Syndicate reassures the public of Wael Al-Ibrashi’s health condition

The head of the Media Syndicate, “Tariq Saada,” revealed the developments in the media’s health condition.Wael Al-Ibrashi“After he was infected with the emerging corona virus.

The head of the Media Syndicate, Tariq Saada, explained, through a telephone intervention on the program “His Highness the Citizen”, which is broadcast on the “Al-Hadath Today” channel, that he followed the case with the medical director of Zayed Specialist Hospital, who explained that Al-Ibrashi fully recovered from the Corona virus and the lungs on their way to recovery. .

Being in the hospital until recovery:

The head of the Media Syndicate, Tariq Saada, confirmed that Al-Ibrashi does not want to be discharged from inside the hospital until after a full recovery, within a week at most.

He added that the journalist “Wael Al-Ibrashi” remains in the hospital as a result of his desire to even make sure that the lungs are working at a rate of 100%.

Wael El-Ibrashi’s injury from December 2020:

The journalist “Wael Al-Ibrashi” was infected with the Coronavirus during last December, and he was subject to a home treatment protocol, before the health condition deteriorated and he was transferred to the hospital, on December 28, and after a message through his official page on the social networking site “Facebook” In it he explained: “Since the ambulance carried me from inside my house to the hospital while I was in a critical condition, Corona was able to devour a large part of the lungs, leaving me only small spaces in order to breathe, and only now my condition began to improve, but I need your calls.”

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