The head of Twitter defends the expulsion of Trump, saying it was for “security threats”

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The head of Twitter defends the expulsion of Trump, saying it was for “security threats”

By David Ingram – NBC News

SAN FRANCISCO – Twitter boss Jack Dorsey defended Wednesday the suspension of the account on that platform of the outgoing president, Donald Trump, as a correct decision but that, at the same time, set a dangerous precedent in a global and free Internet.

The decision made after the violent assault on the Capitol by supporters of the outgoing president was the right one, but such a ban has “significant” ramifications and, in the long run, may “erode” the purpose of an open Internet, Dorsey notes. a series of tweets.

After ensuring that he does not celebrate or feel proud for having vetoed the US president, Dorsey clarifies that the measure was adopted after a “clear warning” and depending on the threats that have arisen, both outside and within the social network.

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“After a clear warning we acted on the best information we had based on security threats, both on and off Twitter,” Dorsey tweeted.

The 44-year-old co-founder of the social network explained that the circumstances were “extraordinary and unsustainable”, forcing the company’s staff to focus on public safety. “I think this was the right decision for Twitter. The damage in real life from his online speech is demonstrable,” he added.

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The reference to physical threats corroborates the complaints of intelligence analysts from the private sector and the authorities, who denounced that there was a significant increase in violent speeches and online planning around the assault on the Capitol by Trump’s followers.

State and federal authorities are preparing for a possible revolt in Washington DC and in state capitals, worried that last week’s violence will be repeated.

The businessman was also concerned about the long-term implications of so many tech companies severing ties with the outgoing president, a phenomenon known as offshoring. Any ban is a “failure” of the company in its goal of promoting healthy conversation. and “in the long run it will be destructive to the noble purpose and ideals of an open Internet,” he opined.

On allegations that the ban amounts to censorship and highlights the power of Silicon Valley, Dorsey said that “a company that makes the business decision to moderate is different from a government that eliminates access, although it can be perceived as same, “he explained.

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Dorsey denied that the actions of the tech companies were coordinated, explaining that Twitter continued to work to build a decentralized social media standard that would limit the influence of any company.

Trump’s removal from Twitter took years after he repeatedly violated company rules. The company rewrote part of its rules in 2018 to allow world leaders to remain on the platform even if the rules were broken, a change that stemmed from complaints about Trump, and which the company said was necessary to hold leaders accountable.

Anti-Trump protesters blamed Dorsey for years for failing to kick the Republican president off the platform, accusing him of being “complicit” in their actions.

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In that network, the ruler’s favorite, Trump posted more than 55,000 messages over eleven years and already had 89 million followers.

Facebook and Instagram also blocked the outgoing president’s access to his account at least until the handover is complete on January 20, and Twitch disabled his profile indefinitely.

The last to join this type of measure has been the social network Snapchat, which on Wednesday announced the permanent suspension of the Republican president.

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