The height of the ETA meteor showers next Thursday evening


The Syrian Astronomical Society announced that the peak of the annual ETA meteor showers, which occurs annually, will be next Thursday.

A member of the association, Tariq Al-Khatib, said in a statement to SANA that the source of meteor shower in general is comets and meteor showers, expected on May 6, coming from the famous comet “Hali”.

Al-Khatib said that some people wonder what the comets have to do with meteors and about that, it must be clarified that during the comet’s orbit around the sun, remnants of it break apart while approaching them and remain in its orbit, and when the earth approaches these remnants, they attract them to it so that we see it from the earth in the form of bright lines in the sky that burn when entering and friction. Atmospheric.

The meteor showers expected to be seen were called (Eta Dulayat), relative to the constellation Aquarius, and they peak in this year on May 6, at a rate of “40 to 85” meteors per hour, as the sun sets on that day at seven and twenty-three minutes, according to al-Khatib.

Al-Khatib explained that those interested can enjoy watching Mars clearly in the sky to the west at 8 pm of that day, and Jupiter and Saturn at 3:30 a.m. in the southeastern side while they follow the meteor shower, indicating that they prefer to follow this phenomenon from areas without light pollution. The antenna is far from the city where the sky is clear and clear.

Muhammad Emad Al-Daghli

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